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About Us

The Junior Enterprise Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (JEHL) is a consulting organization entirely run by motivated hospitality management students.


Our core team consists of ambitious members coming from all around the world and representing a wide range of profiles. This unique diversity represents one of our strongest assets.


With a strong focus on the hospitality industry, but not limited to it, the services offered by JEHL range from strategy and management consultancy to the elaboration of business plans and market studies, as well as feasibility studies.


JEHL relies on the full support of its Core Team members and further collaborates with other EHL students to find the best fits for each specific project. Further support by teachers, mentors and the privileged access to hospitality specialized resources (access to a network of experts, database, etc.) are utilized to provide the best service possible.


Our JE provides our members with the opportunity to combine academic knowledge with real-life cases and to apply the entrepreneurship spirit of Junior Entrepreneurs.

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