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Marketing Plan

Website Analysis and Improvement

In a perpetually changing environment, the success of your company also depends on an effective marketing strategy. This strategy has to be elaborated on a deep understanding of your target audience and the market in which your company evolves.


The resources at our disposal allow us to help you enhance this understanding through multiple activities such as market studies, strategies elaboration and adjustments, etc.


Our recommendations will help you develop an insightful knowledge of your target customers, allowing the creation of a tailored strategy. We draft a detailed analysis of your company’s strengths and weaknesses as well as a marketing plan aligned to your projects and specific needs.

Your company’s website is a key element of your relationship with customers. The potential of this tool is consequent when it comes to communicating on the products and services that you offer. 


Through the analysis of key performance indicators (bounce rate, conversion rate, etc.), we will measure your website’s performance as well as identifying elements that should be improved to enhance the customer journey.


Our wide panel of services ranging from multimedia content management to setting up your website’s beta testing phase will allow your platform to reach its full potential. 

Media Production

Market Research

In collaboration with EHL’s multimedia services, we will assist you in the creation of multimedia content. We will develop the most suitable multimedia strategy, which will allow you to identify the most relevant content according to your target market.


Therefore, we provide services such as video/photo shooting or the edition of your actual multimedia content.


Whether you are looking for professional media content for your website or media coverage on your next event, our video and photo editors will cater for your needs.

By using our privileged access to EHL’s resources (private database, hospitality experts’ studies and insights, etc.), we rely on effective statistics methods and analytical skills to study your market.


To provide you with a reliable and deep understanding of your market, we will adapt to the geographical area in which you are planning to develop your activities.

Online Marketing Campaigns

An audit of your digital marketing performance will allow us to identify new opportunities in order to communicate with your customers in a more efficient way.


Furthermore, we will provide concrete solutions to improve your digital presence, ensuring a higher visibility and conversion rate.