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Hospitality Business planning and strategy

Our hospitality courses dispensed by renowned EHL experts, combined with the school's resources, offer unique expertise in business planning and strategy.


Our specialization in hospitality enables us to accurately forecast current and emerging trends in international markets. Our capacity to adapt to different cultures enables us to apply our knowledge to structures ranging from international groups to SME.


Our services provide you with the essential support to guarantee the long-term success of your company through a meticulous strategic planning.

Feasibility Studies

From the birth of an idea to its fulfilment, it is crucial to identify the opportunities and threats your company could face.


JEHL will provide you with the answers you need, to determine the feasibility of your future project. Our expertise in the hospitality sector will help you anticipate and better apprehend future potential challenges.

Quality Study

In order to help you maintain a consistent quality of service, we organize complete evaluations of your customer experience. We measure your service quality through various methods such as satisfaction surveys or mystery guest services.


While identifying each critical customer touch point, we will provide you with recommendations to ensure your services and products meet your expectations.

Menu Design & Engineering

The menu of a restaurant plays a major role in its ability to generate profits. Therefore, we propose a complete analysis of your restaurant’s menu to ensure it is visually appealing and matches customer expectations while optimizing margins.

Concept Development

Setting up a new concept can be a critical step in your project achievement. We will help you structure your company through the implementation of processes suited to your type of business.