JEHL | Alaya



What is JEHL X Alaya?

  • JEHL is organizing a concept design challenge in collaboration with EHL's Sustainability Week and Alaya.

  • Alaya is a social engagement platform that allows individuals, brands and companies to do their part and act upon the social and environmental challenges of this century while building a positive culture at work.

  • The goal is to design a hypothetical sustainable hotel concept for EHL, located near the Lausanne campus (training, APs, ...).

  • Candidates will earn Hopeys by participating in the event, with additional prizes for the winning team.


When is JEHL X Alaya taking place?

  • The competition will take place over the last weekend of our sustainability week, from Friday 9th October to Monday 12th October.

  • We will start with a mandatory opening session on Friday at 6 PM, which includes a briefing on the challenge, rules & deadlines, and some time for questions.

  • You will then have time to work on your concepts and pitches over the weekend. The “hackathon” nature allows you to decide your workflow & organization. We estimate, however, that this challenge will take approximately 4-5 hours of your time.

  • Ideas/concept will be submitted by Sunday, 11th October 11:59 PM(midnight) in the form of pdf slides. Selected concepts will be pitched on Monday, 12th October during the closing session.

  • The winner will be announced shortly after, based on both the submitted slides as well as the pitch. 


How will JEHL X Alaya unfold?

  • This challenge will be conducted fully online, with both the opening and closing sessions carried out on Microsoft Teams. 

  • You can participate in the challenge as part of a team or as an individual. However, every participant must register on Alaya, in order to get the Hopeys for this activity.

  • We will provide you with guiding questions and aspects to consider when designing your sustainable hotel concept. You can choose which of these aspects to address and are free to add your own topics and themes. 

  • Teams/participants will brainstorm and develop ideas throughout the weekend. We hope to see some light research or evidence to back some of the suggested solutions. 

  • As mentioned, teams will submit their concept in the form of pdf slides. The slides should present all the ideas in an efficient and compact manner.

  • Participants are to prepare a short, 2-minute pitch to present their ideas and introduce the “highlights” of their concept on Monday during the closing ceremony.


Why should you participate in JEHL X Alaya?

  • This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about sustainable hospitality and the diverse challenges that come along with it. You can find out about emerging alternatives and industry pioneers, or even develop your own inventions. By discovering other projects and sharing your ideas, you will be a part of the necessary conversation our industry, and society as a whole, need to have.

  • A chance to further develop or refine valuable skills like time-/project management, presenting, and research.

  • An opportunity to be creative and explore innovative approaches in a relaxed environment. This challenge is aimed to be playful and fun, and we’d like to see that in your proposals as well!

  • Hopeys for Alaya - prizes!


Who can participate in JEHL X Alaya?

  • The concept design challenge is open to all students across all EHL campuses (Lausanne, Passugg, Singapore) as well as all staff members.

  • Individuals or teams of up to three participants.


Submit your files


Participant's Guide

Participate in the Opening Session


On Friday, October 9th, at 6pm CET, we will officially start the competition. All candidates will receive invitations to the online webinar.

Design your Hotel Concept


Create your Sustainable Hotel Concept and summarize it in a presentation.

Submit your files


Submit your slides in pdf format on Sunday, October 11th.

Pitch your Concept


Selected teams will be able to pitch their concept live to the jury on Monday, October 12th.