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Welcome to JEHL!

We are happy to have you on our team! You are now part of a network of more than 33'000 Junior Entrepreneurs all over Europe. We are looking forward to working with you during this semester's projects, and hope you will enjoy your time at JEHL!

Note: all links on this page are strictly confidential and shall not be used nor shared with anyone outside our association.



At JEHL, we use different apps to communicate between teams, keep track of our projects and organise our tasks. You will find more information as well as the links below.



Slack is our primary communication tool. We suggest that you install Slack on your phone and computers and open it at least once a day to check for any unread messages or important announcements.


Junior Connect

Junior Connect is a custom-made Project Management tool used by Junior Enterprises in Switzerland and allows us to track our projects efficiently.


Trello allows department heads and the board to have an overview of everything that happens in the JE. It is important that all members contribute to updating Trello regularly so that all tasks are clearly organised.


Agreements to be signed

The following documents are necessary for you to fill and send completed to

Responsibility Agreement (Directors)

Mandatory for Directors.

Responsibility Agreement (Assistants)

Mandatory for Assistants.

Right of image

Mandatory for all JEHL members, including Directors and Assistants.


Useful Downloads

Project Management 101 (Introduction Presentation)

Proposal & JEHL Template (Example to Follow)

JEHL Logo (png)


Talent Coach

Please find below all useful training in regards to JEHL apps and proceedings. We invite you to contact with any training request you may have, or if you encounter any issues.

Beginner's Guide to Slack

Video tutorial - 7 minutes

Learn how to use Slack.

Beginner's Guide to Trello

Video tutorial - 20 minutes

Learn how to use Trello.

Beginner's Guide to Junior Connect

Video tutorial - 5 minutes

Learn how to use Junior Connect.

Advanced Guide to Junior Connect

Video tutorial - 15 minutes

Learn how to use Junior Connect. Highly recommended for Project Managers.

Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Teams

Video tutorial - 20 minutes

Learn how to download and use Microsoft Teams.

Schedule a Team's meeting from Outlook

Web tutorial - 5 minutes

Learn how to add and use the Microsoft Teams plugin in Microsoft Outlook. Recommended prior training: Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Teams & Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Outlook.