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About Us

The Junior Enterprise Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (JEHL) is a consulting organization entirely run by motivated hospitality management students.


Our core team consists of ambitious members coming from all around the world and representing a wide range of profiles. This unique diversity represents one of our strongest assets.


With a strong focus on the hospitality industry, but not limited to it, the services offered by JEHL range from strategy and management consultancy to the elaboration of business plans and market studies, as well as feasibility studies.


JEHL relies on the full support of its Core Team members and further collaborates with other EHL students to find the best fits for each specific project. Further support by teachers, mentors and the privileged access to hospitality specialized resources (access to a network of experts, database, etc.) are utilized to provide the best service possible.


Our JE provides our members with the opportunity to combine academic knowledge with real-life cases and to apply the entrepreneurship spirit of Junior Entrepreneurs.

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Competitive price

We offer complete studies carried out over several days or weeks by several students selected on the basis of their academic excellence as well as their experience on the issue being studied.

International profile of our consultants

Our consultants are selected from a pool of 3500 students of 120 different nationalities. EHL is also present on two continents: Europe & Asia. In addition to their academic wealth developed at the school, our consultants are remarkable for their open-mindedness and their multi-polar thinking.

Academic excellence

EHL is recognised by all the ranking as the best school in the world for hospitality management. Furthermore, it is respected as one of the best universities in Switzerland for Business and Management (QS ranking 2021).

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Our Services

Marketing & Sales

We offer personalized support in the field of marketing to all companies that wish to benefit from the experience of highly selected students for their marketing skills. We are able to carry out :

- Market research
- Mystery guest
- Customer satisfaction survey
- Merchandising advice
- Brand equity study
- Behavioral study
- Awareness study


"Communication is simply the act of transferring information from one place, person or group to another." 

We put at your disposal our competences studied at school but also those acquired during our training courses in order to propose you an accompaniment for the realization of : 

- Communication plan
- Support during a crisis communication
- Impact study of a communication campaign
- Internal communication plan

Thanks to our network counting over 120 nationalities, our consultants have an instinct and a developed sensitivity for the realization of studies and communication plans with an international focus, that is, oriented towards diversity and inclusion.


EHL courses invite students to specialize in finance, and specifically prepare students for accounting, cost control, revenue management, investment and fundraising. Many of the school's students have a vocation to pursue a career in finance, and a large part of their studies are directed toward elective courses in finance. Also, many students have completed one or more internships in finance departments or financial institutions.  JEHL then selects the best students of the school with a particular attraction for finance and offers its clients its services in the realization of :  

- Assistance in raising funds (start-up)
- Investment plan 
- Assistance to clients with business plans
- Establishing targets for investors (growing companies)
- Cost control consulting
- Revenue management consulting



Strategy is one of the main focuses of the EHL curriculum. From the very beginning of their studies, students are led to study issues related to corporate strategy. Whether it is a question of commercial strategy, internationalization strategy, or simply a development strategy, students learn to study a market, to carry out organizational benchmarks, and to compare the strategies in place in companies in the sector. Naturally, many EHL students are destined for careers in strategy, and for this reason they do an internship in this sector. We therefore offer our clients several services :

- Quantitative surveys 
- Qualitative studies
- Organizational benchmarking
- Implementation study
- Positioning study


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Our Partners and Sponsors


EHL Hospitality Business & Hotel Management School

"We bring together academia and hospitality to create the higher education of action-driven individuals and develop insightful thinking together with innovative practices in the international service industry."



"To transform AXA’s value proposition “from payer to partner”, we will deliver new services complementing the traditional insurance coverage and build new business models to increase the protection of our customers. 

Purpose, values and vision are shared by each and every employee throughout our organization, as we tailor our services and solutions to each of our 108 million customers around the world, one person at a time, in an ever-changing and fast-evolving world."


Credit Suisse

"Our strategy builds on Credit Suisse's core strengths: our position as a leading wealth manager with strong global investment banking capabilities and our strong presence in our home market of Switzerland. We seek to follow a balanced approach to wealth management, aiming to capitalize on both the large pool of wealth within mature markets as well as the significant growth in wealth in Asia Pacific and other emerging markets."

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Our Team

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Audrey Ohana

Director of Partnerships & Events

Loris Caso 

Director of Human Ressources

Inès Burkhard

Director of Communication & Marketing


Léonore Bornand


Rares Vasilescu


Our Board Members 

Bianca Bacher

Director of Sales

Hema Morand

Director of Finance

Our Consultants 

Our Assistants

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Mathilde Dias

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Emilien Dombele

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Alexandre Martin

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Florian Papay


Andreeas Balas

Cindy Cardenas

Daniel Costescu 

Team September 2022

Team September 2022

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