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Our Mission

Foster innovation in hospitality through collaboration. We connect EHL students' creativity and fresh perspectives with businesses facing complex challenges, driving solutions together.

About Us

JEHL, the student-led consultancy association of EHL Hospitality Business School, brings a dynamic team of passionate students from around the world to your table. This global network offers a unique blend of skills and cultural perspectives, ensuring fresh solutions for your specific business challenges.

From crafting winning strategies and business plans to market research and feasibility studies, JEHL provides comprehensive consulting services designed to help you thrive. Need help with strategic guidance, brand elevation, operational excellence, or financial security? We've got you covered.

JEHL fosters a collaborative environment, assembling the perfect student team for your project. We leverage the expertise of EHL faculty, mentors, and industry professionals to deliver advanced insights and industry knowledge.

But JEHL isn't just about results for your business; it's about education for our students. By participating in JEHL projects, students gain invaluable hands-on experience, applying their academic knowledge to real-world challenges. This fosters an entrepreneurial spirit, equipping graduates to excel in the dynamic hospitality industry.

Partner with JEHL and unlock the full potential of your hospitality business. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Our Team

Felix Bosshard

President | Head of Finance

Thomas Hassler

Vice-President | Head of Marketing

Jill Gitchenko

Head of Sales

Florence Coens

Marketing Assistant

Jun Vigneron


Meo Jenning


Circé Connesson-Robic


Parinay Singhal


Lucas Alexander Binkert


Florian Papay


Michael Gyger


Our Approach

At Junior Enterprise EHL, we seamlessly merge academic knowledge with practical industry experience. Our dedicated team harnesses the power of data analysis and creative innovation to collaboratively address your unique challenges. Specializing in hospitality consulting, we prioritize sustainable solutions that not only drive growth but also set new industry benchmarks.


Click below to access our comprehensive documentation, providing all the information you need to partner with us.


Together, we'll work hand-in-hand to co-create tailored solutions that drive success and foster mutual growth.

Your business goals are our top priority.

01. Competitive Price

As a student association, we strive to deliver the highest quality services at the most reasonable price. 

02. Diversity & Innovation

At JEHL, we thrive on innovation and diversity, bringing fresh perspectives and dynamic solutions to every project.

03. Academic excellence

Due to our studies at EHL, we're equipped with the best tools to deliver top-notch services for your business.

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