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The EY and JEHL Case Study Challenge at EHL Lausanne

On a memorable recent evening, the Junior Enterprise at Hotel School Lausanne (JEHL) teamed up with Ernst & Young (EY) for a thrilling case study challenge that spotlighted our students' analytical talents and creative thinking. The focus was on the banking and hospitality sectors, transforming the event into a vibrant breeding ground for future industry leaders.

A Fusion of Expertise and Insight

The event started with a warm welcome from key figures at EY and JEHL, paving the way for a dynamic showdown of intellects. As judges, the EY team applied their deep industry knowledge and discerning eyes, evaluating presentations for innovation, practicality, and thorough analysis.

Our student teams, comprising diverse talents, tackled today’s pressing challenges in banking and hospitality. They explored everything from an auditor's point of view and came up with very good analysis.

A Showcase of Strategic Brilliance

As the night unfolded, the room buzzed with anticipation and intellectual vigor. The teams demonstrated their deep understanding of the topics and ability to communicate persuasively, captivating the jury and their peers alike. Their strategic recommendations reflected a solid grasp of current industry dynamics and an innovative approach to solving business problems.

Connections and Celebrations

After the intense competition, the atmosphere shifted to a more relaxed networking cocktail, where everyone from seasoned EY professionals to emerging student analysts mingled, shared stories, and explored future prospects. It was heartening to see new connections forming, with conversations that ranged from career paths and industry tips to personal anecdotes.

The evening’s climax was the announcement of the winning team, whose exceptional analysis and inventive solutions clearly stood out. The applause was enthusiastic and the sense of pride was evident, celebrated by all participants, not just the victors.

Reflections on a Successful Evening

As the event wrapped up, it was evident that it had been a tremendous success. It provided a practical arena for students to apply their classroom knowledge to real-world challenges and engage closely with industry leaders who offered valuable insights and encouragement.

This case study challenge was more than an academic task; it showcased how emerging talent can make significant contributions to critical industry issues and underscored the value of such partnerships that connect academic learning with real-world industry challenges.

We’re excited to continue hosting these events, ensuring our students are ready to step into the business world and equipped to reshape it.

And a big thanks to Ernst & Young for making this happen.


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